Corporate and business law is the area of civil law relating to enterprises, which means that this legal field goes right to the heart of a business.

All companies are run according to a certain legal form. This legal form – public limited company, private limited company, partnership, general partnership or limited partnership, for example – is a tool to facilitate business operations. At Factum Advocatuur, our lawyers can advise and assist you in the event of changes to this legal form, the winding up of a company, and mergers and acquisitions. Our lawyers have considerable experience in the following matters:

  • mergers and divisions;
  • takeovers/acquisitions;
  • assets and liabilities transactions;
  • joint ventures;
  • management buy-ins and buy-outs;
  • reorganisation and restructuring operations relating to financial as well as employment law;
  • insolvency and bankruptcy.

Relations between shareholders are governed by corporate law. At Factum Advocatuur, our lawyers have extensive practical experience in regulating these relations and conducting legal proceedings in the event of disputes between shareholders. This means we can advise and assist you in respect of the following:

  • shareholders’ agreements and voting agreements;
  • issuing depositary receipts for shares;
  • disputes between shareholders.

Matters such as directors’ and officers’ liability and conflicts of interests also fall under corporate law, since they affect a company’s management. Our lawyers are experienced in the following matters:

  • conflicts of interests;
  • directors’ and officers’ liability:
  • appointment and removal of directors.

At Factum Advocatuur, our lawyers have the necessary knowledge and experience to hand to advise and assist you on matters relating to corporate law. And if legal proceedings are inevitable, you can fully rely on our lawyers’ extensive experience in this field.